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There are three customers you should target with your marketing efforts:

These customers are direct recipients of your services and each customer, regardless of their specialty or area of interest, expects the same basic features and services when procuring services. We will briefly describe each customer and then focus on how you can reach this customer through your marketing efforts. End users can also be classified as an influencer, but their motives usually differ from a program manager. Although we touch upon some of the key elements and issues that affect both program managers and end users, a targeted message and profile of an end user was created as a separate audience.

How do you find Government customers?

By attending conferences, trade shows and other conventions targeting government sector:

conferences, trade shows and other conventions targeting government sector

By conducting market research or contracting market research firm you can find out which government agencies are procuring what professional services. Gathering information about your governmental target market should be your first step towards increasing federal sales. Below, for example, we have listed a number of market reports that provide important data about potential government markets or markets where the government sector represents a significant part:

US Federal Government market reports:
U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Market
U.S. Federal Government Mass Media Market
U.S. Federal Government Mobility Market
U.S. Federal Cybersecurity Market
Modernization of U.S. Federal Government IT, Market Scenario
High Energy Military Laser Market Forecast
U.S.-Mexico Border Security & Protection Market
Electromagnetic Railgun Market
U.S. Federal IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Market
U.S. Federal IT Market